How to Enable Dark Mode in Windows 11 Calculator App

Conveniently use the Windows 11 calculator app independent of the system theme with new app-specific Light and Dark theme setting options

Dark mode has become increasingly popular among users as it provides a visually appealing and comfortable experience while reducing eye strain. Windows 11, the latest operating system from Microsoft, brings several enhancements, including a sleek Calculator application. In this article, we will guide you on how to enable Dark Mode in the Windows 11 Calculator application, allowing you to enjoy a more pleasant and personalized user interface.

Reason to Use Dark Mode in Windows 11 Calculator App:

Before we delve into the steps, let’s briefly explore the Windows 11 Calculator and the benefits of using Dark Mode in applications. The Calculator app in Windows 11 offers an improved and modern design, making it both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Dark Mode, on the other hand, provides a darker color scheme, reducing the brightness emitted by your screen and creating a more immersive computing environment. Not only does Dark Mode enhance visual comfort, but it also helps conserve battery life on devices with OLED or AMOLED displays.

To enable dark mode on the calculator app in Windows 11, you have two options.

  1. Enable dark mode Calculator Settings
  2. Enable dark mode in Personalization settings.

Enable Dark Mode via Calculator App Settings

Let’s get started with enabling Dark Mode in the Windows 11 Calculator application. Just follow the simple steps outlined below:

Step 1: Opening the Calculator application

To begin, locate the Calculator app on your Windows 11 desktop or in the Start menu. You can either click on its icon or search for it using the Windows search bar.

Step 2: Accessing the settings menu

Once you have the Calculator application open, look for the settings menu. It is usually represented by three dots or lines arranged vertically and placed at the top right or left corner of the app window. Click on this icon to access the settings menu.

Step 3: Enabling Dark Mode

Within the settings menu, you should see various options. Look for the “Appearance” or “Theme” option, which allows you to change the visual appearance of the Calculator app. Click on it to reveal the available themes.

Among the themes, select the “Dark” or “Dark Mode” option. This will change the Calculator app’s color scheme to a darker theme, enabling Dark Mode.

That’s it! Now You have successfully enabled Dark Mode in the Windows 11 Calculator application. Enjoy the new visually appealing and eye-friendly interface while performing your calculations.

Enable Dark Mode via Personalization Settings:

  1. First press WINDOWS + S to launch the ‘Search’ menu, enter ‘Calculator’ & launch the app.
  2. click on the ‘Open Navigation’ icon
  3. Now Click the ‘App theme’ drop-down menu
  4. Here you find ‘Use system settings’ option & it selected by default. Now, select the ‘Dark’ option, and you will notice the ‘Calculator’ app theme changing to ‘Dark’ instantly.

Save Your Eyes With the Windows Calculator App

Enabling Dark Mode in the Windows 11 Calculator application is a straightforward process that enhances the user experience by providing a visually pleasing and comfortable environment. By reducing screen brightness and optimizing color schemes, Dark Mode contributes to reduced eye strain and improved battery life on compatible devices.

With just a few simple steps, you can customize the Calculator app according to your preference and enjoy the benefits of Dark Mode. Windows 11’s sleek Calculator application combined with Dark Mode creates a seamless and enjoyable computing experience.


FAQ 1: Does Dark Mode affect the calculator’s performance?

No, enabling Dark Mode in the Windows 11 Calculator application does not impact its performance. It is simply a visual preference that changes the color scheme of the app.

FAQ 2: Can Dark Mode be applied to other Windows 11 apps?

Yes, Dark Mode can be applied to various Windows 11 applications, including the Calculator. The availability of Dark Mode may vary depending on the specific app.

FAQ 3: Is Dark Mode available in previous Windows versions?

Dark Mode is a feature introduced in Windows 10 and continued in Windows 11. It is not available in earlier Windows versions such as Windows 7 or Windows 8.

FAQ 4: Can Dark Mode be scheduled to activate automatically?

As of Windows 11, there is no built-in feature to schedule Dark Mode activation. You can manually enable or disable Dark Mode in the Calculator application or other compatible apps.

FAQ 5: How can I revert to the light mode if I prefer it?

To switch back to the light mode in the Windows 11 Calculator application, simply follow the steps mentioned earlier but select the “Light” or “Light Mode” option instead of Dark Mode in the app’s settings menu.

Final Thought:

Enabling Dark Mode in the Windows 11 Calculator application is a simple process that enhances visual comfort and provides a modern and stylish user interface. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can personalize your Calculator app experience and enjoy the benefits of Dark Mode. Give it a try and see how Dark Mode transforms your computing environment.

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