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How To Delete Uber Eats Account (Web/iPhone/Android)

UberEats is a type of food servicing app which delivers the food to the customer. If you install the Uber eats app then you will have to create your own account to order the food through app. There are many people who use to order food on the apps and of the user don’t write the correct address then the delivery can go in the wrong place.

So, you need to say the the right address so that you can receive your parcel in due time. Though uber eats is one of the most useful mobile apps but sometimes you may need to delete your uber eats account.

How to delete uber eats account:

In that case to delete your uber eats account you have to follow some steps so that you can finish it permanently.There are many users of uber eats mobile apps who don’t know how to delete uber eats account on phone.

Uber eats application is also available for iOS. Many iPhone users also have uber eats account but they don’t know how to delete uber eats account on iPhone. If you follow the proper steps then you easily can delete your uber eats account in a short time.

How to delete uber eats account on android phone

If you are an android phone user then it’s very simple for you to delete your uber eats account. You should follow the rule step by step to cancel your uber eats account. Here is the process to delete your uber eats account permanently-

  • First of all you should open the uber eats application in your phone. Then type the username and password and login your account.
  • After that you will see three bar on the top of your profile and you should tab on the three bar. Then you can see the menu with several options.
  • From the menu you have to choose setting option cause whatever you want to do with your profile you have to change the setting of your account.
  • You have to click on Privacy from the setting. If you click on the privacy option then you will find some other options also.
  • Then you will find “Delete your account” option. If you want to delete your account permanently then you have to click that option.
  • After clicking on “delete your account” you will have to type the password of your account correctly. So enter the password click on “Confirm” then your account will be deleted.

How to delete your uber eats account on iPhone

If you are an iPhone user then you also can delete your uber eats account very easily if you use uber eats application in your iPhone. All you have to do is to follow the steps of deleting process. Here are the steps that you have to follow to delete uber eats account-

  • First of all you have to open the uber eats apps and go to the menu. There you will find many options.
  • From the given options in the menu you have to choose setting.
  • After clicking on setting you will find privacy option. You have to click on that.
  • If you click on privacy then you will see “ delete your account” in the next page. You have to choose that option.
  • At the last step you have to write the correct password of your uber eats account. You have to write the password for the last time for confirmation of deleting your account.

Uber eats is an useful apps which provide food delivery services to the customer. This apps normally provide the best services so that ordering food through mobile application can be more easier. But in some case if you need to delete your uber eats account then you can follow the process.

how to delete uber eats driver account:

Open the Uber Driver app and choose Help from the menu button. Select Account and Payment from the drop-down menu. Pick Change account settings from the drop-down menu if you want to delete your account.

if I delete my uber account, can I make a new one with the same number:

Yes. You can delete your Uber account and make a new one with the same number.

how to delete uber account without password:

  1. Boot up your mobile device, tap the Uber app to open it, and then log into your account (if you’re not already logged in.
  2. Tap the three bars in the top-left corner of the main screen on Uber, which makes the main menu appear in a sidebar on the left.
  3. Once you have Uber’s main menu open, tap Settings.
  4. On the “Settings” menu, scroll down and tap Privacy Settings.
  5. Now, tap the red Delete My Account option at the bottom of the next screen. You will be asked to verify your password on the next screen; type it in, and then tap Continue.
  6. A screen will appear showing your summary as an Uber rider: how many rides you’ve taken, how many cities you’ve visited, and your user rating. If you’re sure that you want to cancel your Uber account, tap Continue (or tap Cancel if you have second thoughts).

Can I delete my Uber account and start over:

You can easily delete your Uber account from the mobile app. When you delete an Uber account, it is deactivated for 30 days before being permanently deleted. You can always reactivate your account during the 30-day deactivation period by logging back in.

How long will it take for my account to be removed?

Submitting a request to delete your Uber account only deactivates it. Your account will only be permanently deleted 30 days after your request is submitted. Note, however, that Uber may keep some of the information you provided or created when using their service, as required or permitted by law.

Can I get my account back if I change my mind?

You have to log back into your Uber account within 30 days to submit your account deletion request. And you have to do it through the Uber mobile app; logging in through the Uber website just won’t cut it.

If the deadline passes and your account is permanently deleted, you will need to make a new account if you want to use Uber again. That means entering information like your name, address, and credit card number all over again.

What happens to any unused credits/promotions/rewards on my account when I delete it?

When your Uber account is deleted, you will lose any credits, promotions, or rewards attached to it, so make sure to use those up first before you delete your account.

How do I stop texts and emails from Uber after my account has been deactivated?

They may still show you news and promotions in the hopes that these will entice you to use their services again. If you would like to unsubscribe from Uber notifications and email, instructions can be found here.

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