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Helping tools for Content Writing

Helping tools for Content Writing. Today I provide here some tools name that you can grow your website traffic.
Step by step guide to writing a quality article using tools. Looking for help with your content writing? Look no further. This blog offers tips and resources that will help you write better, faster, and easier.
From article ideas to formatting tips and more, we have everything you need to produce high-quality content that your readers will love. So what are you waiting for? Start writing today.

Helping tools for Content Writing Guide:

Looking for help with content writing? Look no further! Here are some helpful tools that can help you produce quality content that will engage your readers and bring in traffic. Just follow the step below:

Step one: Keyword

When writing content, at first we need keywords for our Article/E-book.
We can find keywords using Google Adwords, Keyword Revealer, or Other SEO tools.

Step two: Idea of a Content and Find a proper Headline

To find a proper idea of Content. Use the “HubSpot Blog topic Generator”.
You can also use Contentforest / Portent and SeoPressor / Blog tittle Generator or Impact title Generator /Tweak Your Biz. All are great to find new ways of tittle.
You can use johneengle powerful Headline formation to make it better.

Step three: Analyze your Headline

Now you need to analyze your Headline through CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer.
Check also Emotional Analyzer.

Step four: Use Keyword Placements properly.

Standard Keyword placement is given below
Density =3-5%.
For 500 words =15 words, Exact keywords =50%,LSI=20%,Long tail+related keyword=20% and Action Keyword=10%.

Step five: Write Article body and refine it

1. Use synonyms through various dictionaries and websites.
2. Use Grammarly / Grammar check / Grammar Base / Polishmywriting for correcting grammatical and typing errors. Find the best suggestion words /sentences and adjust them properly.
3. Use ProWritingAid for making it better.
4. Check readability score using multiple channels like readability-score / WebpageFx / Another Score tool / The writer.
5. Use Hammingwayapp for making SEO-friendly titles and blend with H Tag.

Step six: Check Plagiarism

The most important before completing your text article. Check plagiarism using Quetext / Smallseotool / Copyscape.

Step seven: Add media like image/chart etc

Add images and charts or anything that require.

Step eight: Check to link

Read the whole article and make a hyperlink where required.
Special tools :
1.Word Counter: Word Counter, word counter tool ( useful when writing )
2. Writing tool: Twinword Writer
4. For Quote: BrainyQuote / Citebite
5. Text Fixer for various task
6. Tittle Capitalizer
Repeat this process in every article. Satisfy your Reader. Hope all of you got my list of Helping tools for Content Writing.
As a content creator, you undoubtedly know that writing great content is essential for SEO success and to generate leads that convert. However, with so many different voices and opinions out there, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s where our blog comes in.
We’ve compiled a list of helpful tools and resources to help you write better content faster, with less stress and less error. From tools that help you create catchy headlines, to templates that streamline the process of writing a blog post, we’ve got you covered! Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.
Thanks for reading our blog! In this post, we would like to introduce you to some helpful tools that can help you write content with ease. Whether you are a beginner or a professional writer, these tools can help you produce quality and engaging content without any struggles. So, if you are looking for a writing tool that can streamline your process, check out our list.

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