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How to Delete Grubhub Account Permanently Easy Method

How to Delete Grubhub Account Permanently Easy Method. In this online age, food delivery apps are getting popular. But right now, there are too much app in the world for food delivery services. According to Yahoo Lifestyle, top five food delivery companies are as follows: Meitun Waimai (China), Amazon Foods, Grubhub Inc, Delivery hero and Uber Eats.

Other than these Foodpanda also a popular in various countries. So, food delivery services right now in their peak time. So is the privacy option. These apps also getting your privacy information from you. In that case, you may need to delete your food delivery account if you are a privacy concern citizen.

Ways to delete Grubhub Account:

Grubhub account is very easy to create, but it’s not so easy to delete from their server or sites. They don’t give their customers direct ways to delete their account. Still, there are some ways to delete your Grubhub account. These are as follows:

  1. Delete from their Website directly
  2. Send an email to their customer care
  3. Call their service center

Method 1: Delete from their website directly:

You can delete your Grubhub account from their website directly. But there is a catch. You cannot find a direct option from your profile. Rather you have to enter this address to your browser ( and submit a request from the Delete your personal information option in this page.

After that, they will as your email ID which you created your Grubhub account with. After giving your e-mail ID, you have to go to your email to click the link they have sent you to verify that mail. After that, you have to press the submit request button and if you press OK, then they will start processing to delete your account within 45 days.

How to Delete Grubhub Account Permanently Easy Method

Ways to delete Grubhub Account

delete your Grubhub account from their website directly

Method 2: Send an Email to the customer care:

This is a very straightforward method. Grubhub has a support email ID for accounts related issues ( If you need to delete your account you can send an email to that ID with subject as “Account Deletion Request” or “Request to Delete my Grubhub Account” and compose a mail to request for deletion your Grubhub account. You can write any way you can, but my advice will be writing less, and to the point. If you concern about your privacy with them, don’t tell them about it.

Method 3: Direct call to their customer care

Some people may not so tech savvy to use website or using email rather they love to talk to the customer care of those companies and solve their problem. In that case Grubhub has a hotline number (877) 585-1085, where you will find an agent to talk with about your account deletion request and they will do this for you. Though in all cases account deletion will take about 45 days.

Which method I may follow to delete my account:

Among these methods, I prefer Method 1, as I’m a tech head and pretty much well known to browse any website as well as account creation and deletion.

Should you delete Grubhub account:

Finally, the million-dollar question, should you delete your Grubhub account from their website? Well, to answer this question at first you have to question yourself, like:

  1. Am I using Grubhub services more than their competitor?
  2. Did Grubhub offering us more discount than their competitor?
  3. Do they have more restaurants or food places in their hands than their competitor?

If all of the answers is yes, then I will suggest you not to delete your Grubhub account and delete other competitors account if possible.

Conclusion About Delete Grubhub Account:

I hope you will find now easy to Delete Grubhub Account after reading these methods. It is recommended to delete your digital footsteps if you use several companies account, when your needs may fulfill by only one service provider. In this digital age, privacy is a very valuable thing for everyone. So, deletion the service accounts should be your rights to do.

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