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How To Perform A Rac Catch In Madden 22 Ps4? [Solution] 2024

How to Perform a RAC Catch in Madden 22 PS4?

Mastering the RAC (Run After Catch) catch in Madden 22 on the PS4 can give you a significant advantage on offense. It allows your receivers to make big plays after catching the ball, gaining extra yards and potentially scoring touchdowns. The RAC catch is a crucial skill to have in your arsenal to outsmart the defense and dominate the game. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to perform a RAC catch in Madden 22 on PS4, along with some tips and strategies to maximize its effectiveness.

Before we dive into the specifics of executing a RAC catch, it’s important to understand the mechanics and controls of Madden 22 on PS4. Familiarize yourself with the controller buttons and the different moves available to your receivers. This knowledge will be crucial in effectively executing the RAC catch and exploiting the defense. Now let’s get into the steps to perform a RAC catch in Madden 22 on the PS4.

Step 1: Select a Play with RAC Routes

The first step in successfully executing a RAC catch is to choose a play that features RAC routes. These routes are designed to create opportunities for receivers to make catches and gain yardage after the catch. Look for plays in the playbook marked with RAC symbols, which indicate the availability of RAC routes. Selecting a play with RAC routes will increase your chances of executing successful RAC catches.

Once you have selected a play with RAC routes, it’s time to move onto the next step.

Step 2: Identify the Open Receiver

After choosing a play with RAC routes, it’s crucial to identify the open receiver before executing the RAC catch. Scan the field to locate the receiver who has gained separation from the defender and is in a position to make the catch. This receiver will be your primary target for the RAC catch.

Pay attention to the defender’s positioning and the timing of your throw. Timing is crucial in Madden 22, so make sure to release the ball at the right moment to give your receiver the best chance of catching it.

Step 3: Initiate the Catch

Once you’ve identified the open receiver, it’s time to initiate the catch. To perform a RAC catch in Madden 22 on PS4, press the catch button (usually the A button on Xbox or X button on PlayStation) when the ball is in the air and near your intended receiver. Timing is crucial here, as pressing the catch button too early or too late can result in an incomplete pass.

The RAC catch mechanic in Madden 22 allows your receiver to catch the ball and transition smoothly into a running animation, enabling them to make plays after the catch.

Step 4: Utilize RAC Moves

Once your receiver has made the catch, it’s time to utilize RAC moves to gain additional yardage. The RAC moves available to your receiver depend on their skill level and player ratings. Common RAC moves include the juke, spin, stiff arm, and hurdle.

  • Use the juke move (usually the right stick on the controller) to quickly change direction and elude defenders.
  • Execute a spin move (usually the spin button on the controller) to spin away from tacklers and create separation.
  • Utilize the stiff arm (usually the stiff arm button on the controller) to push away defenders and maintain forward momentum.
  • Perform a hurdle (usually the hurdle button on the controller) to leap over diving defenders and continue your run.

Experiment with these RAC moves to find the most effective strategy for evading defenders and gaining extra yardage. Remember, timing and anticipation are key in executing these moves successfully.

Tips for Maximizing the Effectiveness of RAC Catches

Now that you understand the basic steps to perform a RAC catch in Madden 22 on PS4, here are some additional tips to maximize the effectiveness of your RAC catches:

  • Master the timing: Timing is crucial in Madden 22, so practice your timing on RAC catches to ensure you press the catch button at the right moment for optimal results.
  • Anticipate the defender’s movement: Pay attention to the defender’s positioning and trajectory to anticipate their movement. This will help you make quick decisions and exploit gaps in the defense.
  • Experiment with different RAC moves: Test out different RAC moves and combinations to find the most effective ways to elude defenders and gain extra yardage. Every receiver has unique skills and ratings, so find the moves that work best for each player.
  • Practice in different game modes: Take advantage of practice modes and different game modes in Madden 22 to hone your RAC catch skills. Experiment with different plays and scenarios to improve your overall gameplay.

By implementing these tips and practicing regularly, you’ll become a master of RAC catches in Madden 22 on PS4.


Mastering the RAC catch in Madden 22 on PS4 is essential for maximizing your offensive potential. By selecting plays with RAC routes, identifying the open receiver, initiating the catch at the right time, and utilizing RAC moves effectively, you can become a formidable force on offense. Remember to practice these techniques and experiment with various strategies to find what works best for your playing style. With dedication and skill, you’ll be executing game-changing RAC catches in no time. So, grab your controller, hit the field, and dominate the virtual gridiron!

Key Takeaways: How to Perform a RAC Catch in Madden 22 PS4

  • 1. A RAC (Run After Catch) catch in Madden 22 is when a receiver catches the ball and continues to run with it after the catch.
  • 2. To perform a RAC catch, press the catch button (normally the triangle button on PS4) while the ball is in the air, and then immediately press the sprint button (R2) after making the catch.
  • 3. Timing is key when performing a RAC catch, so make sure to press the buttons at the right moment to maximize your chances of success.
  • 4. RAC catches are effective for gaining extra yards after the catch, especially if you have a receiver with good speed and agility.
  • 5. Practice in the game’s tutorials

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