AdSense Keeps Rejecting Me! Why AdSense Not Approve My blog site?

Your account wasn’t approved you need to fix some issues before you can use AdSense.

Most of the time All of you see this sentence after Google Adsense Apply. Now I am talking about how you can solve this kind of problem. I recently noticed that many people face the problem of Google Adsense rejection of their websites, and I can suggest to those facing this problem to try registering on another network.

Where there is a good advertising network called Ezoic ( Search in google for Ezoic) and through it as a publisher, you can be accepted in a short time compared to several other networks.

Adsense keeps rejecting me:

they sent you a report for what are the missing things that you have to fix. After the previous Google Adsense update, getting approval has been extremely challenging. You got rejected because your site or blog doesn’t comply with google adsense polices. In order to make more convenient with the terms, follow the recommendation below.

 but from my experience make sure that you covered and applied the list below:

  • 1- don’t do copy and paste staff, they will reject you!.
  • 2- make sure that you have at least 30 blog articles available.
  • 3- make sure to fix any technical issues on the site.
  • 4- make sure that you created these posts for at least one month.

also please check your email for any other issues to fix, share them here please so I can help you with that.

You’ll almost certainly get Adsense approval if you follow these steps.

Google AdSense approval Criteria

A blog is never difficult to accept by AdSense. Difficult is only to achieve AdSense acceptance criteria. I used the Blogger platform and started as a newbie. I followed the maximum guidelines given by AdSense and advised by various bloggers and YouTubers. I got AdSense approval during the lockdown period when no one think I will get AdSense approval. So check whether your blog fulfills the AdSense criteria or not.

Before getting into the answers, let’s know a few rules which blogs need to follow to get eligible for the AdSense program.

  • You must create original content and avoid repurposing it from other sources.
  • Write a large essay with more than 600 words; 20 articles would suffice, but it’s preferable to avoid any issues.
  • It is necessary to create pages for “Privacy Policy,” “Terms of Use,” “Contact Us,” and “On Us” in order to be accepted.
  • You must not avoid monetizing an acceptable niche, such as fitness, animals, or unlawful content ( hacking and pirating products).
  • Your website must function properly, such as loading swiftly and without any pages or links that are blocked.
  • Before submitting, eliminate redirecting links to shady websites or affiliate links, and remove any network advertising.
  • You must be at least 18 years old ( you should clarify that mostly once you create a Gmail account).

How to get Google AdSense Approval:

  • 1)Sufficient and Unique Content: Blogs are all about content. Google needs enough content in order to permit AdSense. So blogs should contain enough content. Along with sufficient content, it must be plagiarism free.
  • 2)The design of a blog is essential for AdSense approval
  • 3)Including privacy policies, About Us, and Contact us elements are a plus point for AdSense approval.
  • 4)Rich content, organic traffic, easy navigation are a few other rules to be followed to get AdSense permission.

Reasons for blogs not being approved for AdSense

1. Lack of high-quality content

It’s not the fault of the writer, rather it’s the responsibility of the website owner to manage to post high-quality content. If your blog has low-quality content then it may not be eligible for AdSense.

2. Include this 5-rule thing in your blogs

  • ● Non-plagiarized content
  • ● No grammar mistakes
  • ● Qualified and long content
  • ● Relevant and informative content
  • ● Headings

3. Lack of Contact Us and About Us information.

Missing these elements in your blog may not be professional and Google might think that your blog is not up to the mark.

Google AdSense rejected my website?

  • Remove if you posted any copyrighted content on your website.
  • Remove Copyright Images if you have posted on your Blog/Post.
  • Make sure that you have Uploaded an SSL certificate on your site.
  • Make sure you published min. 15–20 Articles on your site.
  • Make sure that you have created Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, About Us, and Contact us Page On your site.
  • Check Your Blog keyword Density.
  • Don,t Rewrite any PHP coding after applying for Adsense.

After Updating above the following Now-Again You can Apply for Google Adsense. You’ll get Approval of Adsense 100%.

Google Adsense Alternative Ad Network Company:

If you are rejected in Google Adsense, you can sign up for one of the alternative advertising networks for Google Adsense, as there are many alternative networks that have great features.

  1. Ezoic.
  2. AdThrive, LLC.
  3. Mediavine.

These 3 Ad networks are best for you. If your traffic comes from US-based, then You will Get Huge RPM/ EPMV. Also, the cost per click is high and you will achieve a good income in a short time if your site contains good traffic, also the minimum withdrawal is very low compared to Google Adsense.

To be accepted through it, you must meet these simple conditions:

  • The first condition is that your website gets real traffic, not fake.
  • Second, your website should have many pages.
  • Finally, your website should be old.

Also, the average cost per click is $3, through which you can achieve a good income in a short period, compared to several other networks.

My friend, you can register in another ad network alternative to Google Adsense and make good income through it, especially if your site contains good traffic.

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