How to fix- Your site adheres to AdSense (Problem Solved)

Nowadays Many bloggers facing this error in google AdSense that; We can’t connect your site http://yoursite.com to AdSense. Please make sure that:

  1. Your site adheres to AdSense Program Policies
  2. You don’t already have another AdSense account, as we only allow only one account per person. If you do have another AdSense account, please close it in order to use this one.

Adsense is for article-based sites, offering large amounts of original text content.  The home page is supposed to describe the site in some way, and there must be some form of navigation.

There are several aspects that causes the error message of make sure your site follows the AdSense Program Policies which results your site not being ready to show ads. Here are some standard and superficial the reasons that may cause Program policies violation.

Reasons and solution for Program Policies Violation in Google Adsense

  1. Check whether your articles are written in Adsense eligible language
  2. Does your website contains VIPs (Very Important Pages: Terms and conditionsprivacy policycontact us and about us)? Your website must have those pages.
  3. Does your blog/site contain enough high quality content/articles? 20 HQ articles are mandatory.
  4. Does your website have content related to drug addictionpornographynudity and human abuse and child abuse? These kinda content aren’t toloratable by Google Adsense?
  5. Do your website has enough user engagement? Without traffic, you won’t get approval.

Your site adheres to AdSense Program Policy:

Why does Google AdSense say my site isn’t eligible for monetization? Google Give a Notice like Your site adheres to AdSense. To the reason of this issue is below:

  1. It could be that you don’t have quality contents
  2. It could be you don’t have enough valuable inventory. Plenty content
  3. Your content might not have value to readers yet
  4. Your site design or UI is poor
  5. The navigation of your site is bad
  6. Your site takes almost 5mins to load
  7. Pages like About Us, Contact, Disclaimer etc are missing
  8. Your contents are scraped
  9. Your domain is too young
  10. Your website content is not acceptable for showing Google Adsense ads.
  11. You already have a problem with Google Ads

If Google Adsense says your site isn’t eligible for monitisation, then it means your site isn’t ready to show ads yet.

  • Unique article
  • Don’t copy another blogger article
  • Article at least 1000–15000 words should
  • At least 2 months ago old your blogger account
  • At least 15–20th articles post will be write
  • Must be create contact us page, privacy policy page, term and condition page
  • Responsive template mobile friendly
  • SEO friendly url

This might sound a bit harsh, but impossible is nothing. Just focus on creating quality content and upload regularly, you’ll be fine. Cheers.

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I am thinking that when there is 500 visitor per day then Adsense rejected me. But after some days I started to write about Linux Errors, programming and other valuable and actual problem solving issues, I started to get 2580 visitors per day and I got approval.
But unfortunately Adsense got block due to irruption of some bad guys in my website. They clicked my Adsense Ads continuously and Adsense thought that is me.
But after three months (now) my website got approved again with same CONTENT.


What I meant is not you need huge traffic, but I wanna say that you need articles with real value. You said that “you have high quality article” that’s awesome

Content Policies not only include non-allowance of copyright content, but also copyrighted resources like images, etc.
So, Be sure that the images you’re using are 100% copyright free meaning that you properly own those assets(legally).
Moreover, I would suggest you to check the policies once by yourself and verify If any part of your content is against the policies.

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