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Apple Carplay Not Working– 14 Easiest Ways To Fix

Apple tech company provides many useful feature apple carplay is one of those feature. This apps helps the users to drive the car easily. If you use apple carplay then you will have a great experience at the time of driving a car.

Apple tech industry has developed carplay app so that people who face some problems at the time of car driving can take advantage of this app. If you have any problem then you can easily use apple carplay to make your driving comfort. If you are an iPhone user then you have to install carplay apps on your phone.

Is your Apple Carplay not working?

If you use carplay app while driving then you should know what to do at that moment when your apple carplay apps is not working. There are several way to fix this problem. If your have noticed that your apple carplay is not working then you can follow any of the process to fix your apple carplay.

How is Apple Carplay not Working Issue Caused?

  • Damaged USB cable
  • iPhone not being detected by your car’s infotainment system
  • Improper Bluetooth connectivity on your iPhone
  • Older or bugged iOS updates on your iPhone
  • Incompatible car infotainment system
  • Apps not being supported by Apple Carplay

Allow Carplay when the iPhone is locked

If you want to keep active your carplay apps when your iPhone is locked then you have to follow these steps –

  • First of all take your phone and go to the setting of your iPhone. You will find all the settings of your phone there.
  • Then you have click on the “General” from the setting. After clicking on general you will find more options.
  • After tabbing on general you will find carplay option. Then you have to choose carplay to change the carplay setting when your phone is locked.
  • You will find many options then you have to choose “Allow carplay while locked” option. After that your iPhone carplay will be active when your phone is locked. This is how you can fix the problem when your apple carplay is not working.

Turn Siri on

Siri is a type of personal assistant to iPhone user. Every iPhone user can take help from Siri if he has any confusion then Siri can be useful. You also can take help from Siri when your carplay is not working. Here are the steps to follow if you want to activate apple carplay with the help of Siri-

  • You have to enable Siri when you are using apple carplay. First of all you have to go to the setting.
  • In there you will find “Siri &search” option. Select that option and then you will see the next page.
  • Then click on “Listen for hey Siri” option and switch on Siri. After that you have to push Siri home button.
  • Then click “Allow Siri When Locked” option. Now the siri will be active when your phone is locked and you can take help from apple carplay.

Restart your iPhone if your apple Carplay is not working

There is another easy way if your apple carplay is not working. You have to restart your iPhone. If you choose this way then your phone will start the whole system of the phone from beginning. This is one of the easiest ways to fix your carplay apps. You have to follow these steps for it –

  • Push both power button and volume button at the same time.
  • Then you will have to pull the slider when you will see it. Then you should wait before shutting down. After shutting down you have to wait for the process.
  • When your iPhone is on again then you have to open the carplay application and your carplay apps will run again.

Re-Connect Apple CarPlay Connection

Another fix is to forget and re-establish the CarPlay connection. To do this:

  1. Go to Settings -> General -> CarPlay and tap on the vehicle you are trying to connect.
  2. Click on “Forget this Car.”
  3. Restart your vehicle and iPhone to re-establish and reconnect.

Apple CarPlay is supported in these 36 countries:

Australia Germany Mexico Spain
Austria Hong Kong Netherlands Sweden
Belgium India New Zealand Switzerland
Brazil Ireland Norway Taiwan
Canada Israel Russia Thailand
Chile Italy Saudi Arabia Turkey
Denmark Japan Singapore United Kingdom
Finland Mainland China South Africa United Arab Emirates
France Malaysia South Korea United States

Apple CarPlay Screen Time Issue Fix:

Go to Settings -> General -> CarPlay, and reconnect it to your vehicle.

However, if you have iOS 14 and have turned off CarPlay in Screen Time, Go to Settings -> Screen Time -> Content and Privacy Restrictions -> Allowed Apps.

Allow CarPlay While Locked Fix

Go to Settings -> General -> CarPlay and tap your car from the list of connections available. Then toggle on Allow CarPlay While Locked.

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