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How to Change Your Username On Spotify?

Change Your Username On Spotify : In the vast realm of digital platforms, usernames have become an integral part of our online identities. Spotify, the popular music streaming service, also assigns a username to each user upon registration.

However, there may come a time when you want to personalize your profile by changing your Spotify username. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to change your username on Spotify, allowing you to create a unique identity that resonates with your personality and preferences.

Step 1: Open the Spotify app

To begin the process of changing your Spotify username, open the Spotify app on your device. Ensure that you are logged into your account so that you can access the necessary settings.

Step 2: Go to settings

Once you have opened the Spotify app, navigate to the Settings section. Depending on the version of the app you are using, the location of the settings may vary. Look for the gear icon or the three-dot menu icon, usually found in the top-right or top-left corner of the screen.

Step 3: Edit profile

Within the settings menu, locate and select the Edit profile option. This will take you to a screen where you can modify various aspects of your Spotify profile, including your username.

Step 4: Change your username

In the Edit profile section, you will find the option to change your username. Click on the field that displays your current username and enter a new username of your choice.

Keep in mind that Spotify may have certain restrictions or guidelines for usernames, such as minimum length or prohibited characters. Ensure that your new username complies with these requirements.

Step 5: Confirm the changes

After entering your desired username, review it carefully to make sure it reflects your intentions accurately. Once you are satisfied with the new username, click on the Save or Confirm button to apply the changes to your Spotify account.

Congratulations! You have successfully changed your Spotify username.

Tips for choosing a new username

When selecting a new username, consider a few tips to make it memorable and unique. Opt for something that aligns with your interests, hobbies, or favorite artists.

You can also incorporate your name or a clever wordplay to make it more personal. Remember, your username is a reflection of your identity on Spotify, so choose wisely.

Considerations for business or artist accounts

If you are managing a business or artist account on Spotify, changing your username may have additional implications. It is essential to consider the impact of the change on your branding and online presence.

Ensure that your new username aligns with your professional image and does not cause confusion among your followers or fans.

Impact of changing your username

Changing your Spotify username can have several implications. Firstly, it allows you to refresh your online identity and personalize your profile. Secondly, it may affect your existing followers or playlist collaborations, as they may need to update their references to your account.

Therefore, it is crucial to communicate the change to your followers and inform them of your new username.

Troubleshooting common issues

While changing your Spotify username is a straightforward process, you may encounter some common issues. If you are unable to change your username or face any errors or difficulties, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:

1. Ensure that you have the latest version of the Spotify app installed on your device. Outdated          versions may have limitations or bugs that prevent username changes.

2. Double-check the username requirements set by Spotify. Make sure your new username meets      the length restrictions, character limitations, and any other guidelines specified by the platform.

3. If you are still unable to change your username, try logging out of your Spotify account and          logging back in. Sometimes, a simple refresh of your session can resolve minor issues.

4. If none of the above steps work, consider reaching out to Spotify’s customer support for                assistance. They have dedicated teams to help users with account-related issues and can              provide further guidance on changing your username.


1. Can I change my Spotify username more than once?

A: Unfortunately, Spotify only allows users to change their username once. Choose your new username carefully to avoid the need for further changes.

2. Will changing my username affect my playlists?

A: Changing your username may affect playlist collaborations if other users have referenced your old username. It’s advisable to inform collaborators about the change and update any references to your account.

3. Can I use special characters in my Spotify username?

A: Spotify has certain restrictions on usernames, and it may not allow special characters or certain symbols. Ensure that your new username complies with the platform’s guidelines.

4. What should I do if my desired username is already taken?

A: If your desired username is already taken, you will need to choose an alternative. Consider adding numbers, underscores, or slight variations to make your username unique.

5. Can I change my username on the Spotify website?

A: Currently, Spotify only allows users to change their username through the mobile app. The option to change your username is not available on the website version.

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Final Thought

Changing your username on Spotify is a simple process that allows you to personalize your profile and create a unique identity. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can modify your username and reflect your individuality on the platform.

Remember to choose a new username that resonates with your interests and preferences, and consider the impact it may have on your existing followers or collaborations. Embrace the opportunity to refresh your online presence and enjoy a more personalized experience on Spotify.

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