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How To Delete Vivid Seats Account

If you’re ready to say goodbye to Vivid Seats, we’re sad to see you go but we make it easy to delete your account. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be on your way. First, log into your account on the Vivid Seats website.

Next, click on the “Account” tab in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Under the “Account” tab, select “Settings”. On the “Settings” page, scroll down to the bottom and click on the link that says “Delete Account”.

Finally, confirm that you want to delete your account by entering your password. And that’s it! Your account will be deleted and you will no longer have access to your Vivid Seats account.

  • Assuming you would like steps on how to delete a Vivid Seats account: 1
  • Log in to your Vivid Seats account 2
  • Hover over your name/account settings in the top right-hand corner and select “My Account” 3
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the “My Account” page and select “Close My Account” 4
  • Enter your password to confirm you would like to close your account and select “Close My Account” 5
  • Your account has now been successfully deleted

Vivid seats refund

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the live entertainment industry. With so many events being cancelled or postponed, many fans are wondering what will happen to their tickets. If you have tickets to an event that has been cancelled or postponed, the best thing to do is reach out to the ticketing company or venue directly to inquire about a refund.

However, if you purchased your tickets through a third-party ticketing company like Vivid Seats, the refund process may be a bit different. Here’s what you need to know about Vivid Seats refunds in the wake of COVID-19: If your event is cancelled, you will automatically receive a full refund for your tickets.

If your event is postponed, you will have the option to either receive a full refund or have your tickets transferred to the new date. If you choose to have your tickets transferred to the new date, you will not be charged any additional fees. To request a refund or transfer, you will need to log in to your Vivid Seats account and go to the “My Tickets” section.

From there, you will see an option to either request a refund or transfer your tickets. If you have any further questions about Vivid Seats refunds, you can contact their customer service team at [email protected] or by phone at (866) 848-8499.

Vivid seats get human

As technology advances, more and more companies are using automated systems to provide customer service. This can be frustrating for customers who are trying to get help from a real person. Vivid Seats is a company that specializes in tickets for events.

They recently announced that they are now using a new system that will allow customers to talk to a real person when they call customer service. This is a great move by Vivid Seats. Customers will appreciate being able to talk to a real person when they have a question or problem.

This will help to build trust and loyalty with customers. It can be difficult for companies to provide good customer service when they are using automated systems. Vivid Seats has taken a step in the right direction by making sure that their customers can talk to a real person when they need help.

Vivid seats obstructed view

If you’re looking for tickets to a sold-out show or event, you may be tempted to buy from a resale site like Vivid Seats. But beware – you may end up with tickets that have an obstructed view. An obstructed view seat is one where your view of the stage is partially or completely blocked by something – a pillar, a piece of stage equipment, or even another person.

And while Vivid Seats does warn buyers about obstructed view tickets, the information is often buried in the fine print. So if you’re considering buying from Vivid Seats, be sure to double-check the seat map to make sure you’re not getting stuck with an obstructed view seat. And if you are, you may be able to negotiate a discount with the seller.

Vivid seats verification

If you’re looking for a safe and secure way to buy tickets online, you can’t go wrong with Vivid Seats. As one of the largest ticket marketplaces in the world, Vivid Seats is known for its buyer protections, which include a 100% guarantee on all tickets sold. When you buy tickets through Vivid Seats, you’ll first need to create an account.

Once you’ve done so, you’ll be able to browse the site’s extensive inventory of tickets for all sorts of events. When you find the tickets you want, you can proceed to the checkout page. On the checkout page, you’ll be asked to provide your billing and shipping information.

You’ll also be asked to verify your identity with a government-issued ID. This is done to protect both buyers and sellers from fraud. Once you’ve provided all the required information, you can complete your purchase and sit back and relax, knowing that your tickets are 100% guaranteed!

Vivid seats claim form

If you’re looking for a refund on your Vivid Seats purchase, you’ll need to fill out a Claim Form. This form is available on the Vivid Seats website, and must be completed and submitted within 30 days of your purchase. In order to complete the form, you’ll need your Order ID, the email address associated with your purchase, and the last four digits of the credit card used for the purchase.

You’ll also need to select a reason for your refund request from the drop-down menu. Once the form is submitted, a Vivid Seats customer service representative will review your request and reach out to you within three business days. If your refund is approved, you can expect to receive your money back within 7-10 business days.

how to delete vivid seats account


Can you get scammed on Vivid Seats?

It is possible to get scammed on Vivid Seats. There have been reports of people being scammed out of money when they thought they were buying tickets from Vivid Seats. There are a few ways that this can happen.

One way is if you buy tickets from a third-party seller on Vivid Seats and the tickets turn out to be fake. Another way is if you buy tickets from Vivid Seats and then cancel your order, but Vivid Seats doesn’t give you a refund. Finally, you may be scammed if you buy tickets on Vivid Seats and then don’t receive them.

If you think you have been scammed on Vivid Seats, you should contact customer service and file a report.

How do I remove my card from Vivid Seats?

If you need to remove your card from Vivid Seats, you can do so by logging into your account and going to the ‘Payment Methods’ section. From there, you will be able to delete your card information.

Why did Vivid Seats charge $1?

Vivid Seats is an online marketplace that allows users to buy and sell tickets to sporting events, concerts, and other live entertainment events. The company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Vivid Seats was founded in 2001 by Jerry Bednyak and Eric Vassilatos.

The company was created in response to the growing secondary market for tickets. The company has since become one of the largest ticket resellers in the United States. Vivid Seats charges a service fee for each ticket that is sold on its platform.

The service fee is typically 10% of the ticket price. In some cases, the service fee may be less than 10% if the ticket is sold at a discount. Vivid Seats also charges a delivery fee for each ticket that is sold.

The delivery fee is typically $2.50 per ticket. The company has a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. It’s unclear why Vivid Seats charged $1 for this particular transaction.

It’s possible that the service fee and delivery fee were both less than $1, or that the company waived the fees for this particular transaction.

Can you change your email on Vivid Seats?

If you need to change the email address associated with your Vivid Seats account, you can do so by logging in and going to your account settings. From there, you’ll be able to update your email address, as well as your password and other account information. Once you’ve made your changes, be sure to click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page to ensure that your new information is saved.

If you have any trouble changing your email address, or if you have any other questions about your account, you can always contact Vivid Seats customer service for assistance.

Don't Use Vivid Seats


It’s easy to delete your Vivid Seats account. Just follow these simple steps: 1. Log in to your account and go to the My Account page.

2. Click on the Delete Account link. 3. Enter your password and click on the Delete Account button. 4. That’s it!

Your account has been successfully deleted.

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