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How To Make A Heart With Keyboard On Iphone? [Solution] 2024

how to make a heart with keyboard on iphone?  [Solution] 2024

Introduction to Making a Heart with Keyboard on iPhone

If you’ve ever wanted to express your love or send a heartfelt message to someone using your iPhone, you might have wondered how to make a heart symbol using the keyboard. While it may not be immediately obvious, there are several ways you can create a heart symbol with just a few simple keystrokes. In this article, we will explore different methods to make a heart with the keyboard on an iPhone, providing you with the solutions you need to add more love to your messages.

Before we dive into the step-by-step instructions for making a heart with your iPhone keyboard, it’s important to note that there are variations depending on the iPhone model and the operating system version. However, the methods we will discuss should work on most iPhones and iOS versions. Let’s explore these techniques and get ready to spread some love!

If you’re interested in learning more about different keyboard symbols and shortcuts, you can visit websites like MacRumors or Apple’s Support page. These resources provide comprehensive information on various keyboard functionalities and shortcuts that can enhance your iPhone experience. Now, let’s delve into the different ways you can make a heart symbol on your iPhone.

Use an Emoji Keyboard

One of the easiest ways to make a heart symbol with your iPhone keyboard is by using the built-in emoji keyboard. The emoji keyboard offers a wide selection of symbols, including different variations of hearts. Here’s how you can access and use the emoji keyboard to create a heart:

  • Open the messaging app or any app that allows text input on your iPhone.
  • Tap the text input field to bring up the keyboard.
  • Look for the emoji button on the keyboard (usually located next to the space bar or the globe icon).
  • Tap on the emoji button to switch to the emoji keyboard.
  • Swipe left or right to access different categories of emojis.
  • Find the category that contains hearts, such as “Smileys & Emotion” or “Symbols,” and tap on it.
  • Browse through the heart options and select the one that best suits your message.
  • Once you’ve chosen the heart emoji, tap on it to insert it into your text.

Using the emoji keyboard is a quick and convenient way to include a heart symbol in your messages. It provides a range of heart options, including different colors, styles, and sizes. Experiment with the various choices to find the perfect heart emoji for your message.

Use the Heart Symbol Shortcut

If you prefer using the standard keyboard rather than the emoji keyboard, another method to make a heart symbol on your iPhone is by using a shortcut. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open the messaging app or any app that allows text input on your iPhone.
  • Tap the text input field to bring up the keyboard.
  • Switch to the number and symbol keyboard by tapping on the “123” button.
  • Look for the symbol key (usually represented by the hashtag symbol “#”) and tap on it.
  • Swipe left or right on the symbol keyboard until you find the heart symbol (♥) or a similar heart-shaped icon.
  • Once you’ve located the heart symbol, tap on it to insert it into your text.

This method allows you to access the heart symbol directly from the standard keyboard, making it convenient if you frequently use symbols in your messages. It’s important to note that the availability of the heart symbol may vary depending on your keyboard language and settings.

Use a Keyboard Shortcut with Text Replacement

If you find yourself frequently needing to type a heart symbol, you can save time by creating a keyboard shortcut using the text replacement feature on your iPhone. This feature allows you to assign a shortcut to automatically expand into a longer phrase or symbol. Here’s how you can set up a keyboard shortcut for the heart symbol:

  • Go to your iPhone’s Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap on “General.”
  • Find and select “Keyboard.”
  • Tap on “Text Replacement.”
  • Tap on the “+” button to add a new text replacement.
  • In the “Phrase” field, insert the heart symbol (♥).
  • In the “Shortcut” field, enter a simple keyboard shortcut, such as “heart” or “hrt.”
  • Tap “Save” to create the shortcut.

Once you’ve set up the keyboard shortcut, whenever you type the shortcut on your iPhone’s keyboard, it will automatically expand into the heart symbol you assigned. This method not only saves time but also allows you to create custom shortcuts for other frequently used symbols or phrases.

Use a Third-Party Keyboard App

If you want even more customization options or additional symbols beyond what the built-in iPhone keyboard offers, you can consider using a third-party keyboard app. These apps often provide a wide range of symbols and emoticons, including different heart variations. The process for using a third-party keyboard may vary depending on the app you choose, but typically involves the following steps:

  • Download and install a third-party keyboard app from the App Store.
  • Follow the app’s instructions to set it up and grant necessary permissions.
  • Enable the keyboard in your iPhone’s settings.
  • Switch to the third-party keyboard while typing by tapping on the globe icon on your standard keyboard.
  • Use the symbols and heart options available in the third-party keyboard to create your desired heart.

Third-party keyboard apps can offer a fun and customizable experience, allowing you to personalize your messages with unique symbols and emoticons. However, it’s important to exercise caution when downloading and using these apps, as some may require access to sensitive information or compromise your device’s security.


Expressing your love or adding a heartfelt touch to your messages on an iPhone is easy once you know how to make a heart symbol with the keyboard. Whether you use the built-in emoji keyboard, shortcuts on the standard keyboard, or third-party keyboard apps, you have several options to choose from. Remember to consider your iPhone model and operating system version when trying these methods, as they may vary slightly. Experiment with different heart variations and find the perfect symbol to convey your message. Spread love and create memorable conversations with the help of these keyboard shortcuts and features.

Key Takeaways – How to Make a Heart with Keyboard on iPhone? [Solution]

  • Using special HTML character codes, you can create a heart symbol on your iPhone keyboard.
  • Press and hold the “123” button on the keyboard to access the numbers and symbols menu.
  • Swipe left on the menu until you find the heart symbol (❤️) and tap on it to select it.
  • Release the “123” button to return to the regular keyboard, and the heart symbol will be inserted in your text.
  • Now you can use the heart symbol to express love and affection in your messages and social media posts!
how to make a heart with keyboard on iphone?  [Solution] 2024 2

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