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LinkBoss Best Interlinking Tool [Increase Traffic 5x] 2023 Review

I Built 2000+ Internal Links With LinkBoss [Now My Traffic Increase 5x]

In this Article I’m reviewing LinkBoss – by far the best tool for creating highly relevant internal links in bulk. You can build Contextual Internal Links at Scale With Linkboss. Achieve lightning-fast, hassle-free internal link optimization with Linkboss AI-powered tool designed to implement effective internal linking strategies.

LinkBoss Special Feature (Overview):

Feature Benefit
Bulk Internal Linking Efficiently create multiple relevant internal links.
Lifetime Deal Cost-effective with long-term benefits.
Comparison with Link Whisper Demonstrates superior capabilities of LinkBoss.
Auto Linking Approach Simplifies the internal linking process.
Credit System Flexible pricing based on link creation needs.

Lifetime Deal

Effortless Topic Clusters- Build Interlinking Silo Using Topic Clusters:

Build powerful topical clusters with LinkBoss’s advanced interlinking silo feature and see your site’s rank skyrocket in no time. With LinkBoss, you can transform your site into an authoritative powerhouse by using topic clusters.

By tapping into the power of topic clusters, you can build a closely intertwined site structure that signals Google and Bing that your site is a trustworthy source of information on the subject matter.

To create a silo network:

  1. Paste or upload the pillar page and supporting URLs.
  2. Optional: Visually map the relationships between pages.
  3. Select pillar-to-support and support-to-support links.
  4. LinkBoss dynamically builds out the silo link structure.

Smart Contextual Linking- Creates Links for Contextually Challenging Anchors:

LinkBoss’s AI-powered brain analyzes the content and suggests semantically relevant sentences to create perfectly contextual links. Don’t worry if the existing content lacks the context needed for the anchor.

LinkBoss uses the power of AI to create fresh sections, including a header and a perfectly crafted paragraph. This section will seamlessly incorporate your desired anchor in a way that feels natural and fits with the surrounding content.

Some types of clusters include:

  • Nested silo
  • Hub and spoke
  • Hybrid Custom clusters
  • Circle Jerk Silo
  • Reverse Silo
  • Hub Page Hybrid Silo
Bulk Interlinking- Bulk Interlinking Made Effortless

Just toss in your desired URLs, and let LinkBoss work its magic, seamlessly interlinking each semantically relevant post using your chosen anchors.

  • Semantic Network
  • Anchor Text Customization

LinkBoss and its incredible one-click bulk interlinking feature simplify the entire linking process.

Simply input all the URLs you wish to interlink, and let our tool work its magic. It will create an interlinking network based on semantic relevance, ensuring that each and every post gets internally linked.

Choose anchor texts you want to use, or let LinkBoss handle it all for you!

LinkBoss simplifies contextual link-building through an automated approach. To build links in bulk:

  1. Paste or upload a list of URLs you wish to interlink.
  2. LinkBoss analyzes the semantic relationships between the pages.
  3. It then suggests contextual links to insert based on topic relevance.
  4. You can review each recommendation and customize the anchor text as desired.
  5. Then specify where you want new links inserted, such as before each H2 header.
  6. LinkBoss handles the grunt work of dynamically generating content sections and inserting links.

Fresh Content for Context

When existing content fails to provide the contextual anchor, our AI-powered tool can generate unique, and context-rich paragraphs with a perfectly relevant anchor.

  • NLP-Friendly Anchor
  • Text Fresh Content Block

Multi-Site Management

Monitor and manage all your WordPress sites’ interlinking strategies with ease, thanks to a single dashboard that combines user-friendliness and advanced features. Linkboss offers you an easy-to-use dashboard where you can see and manage the interlinking strategies of all your WordPress sites in one place.

  • Multi-Site Management
  • User-Friendly Dashboard

No more jumping around different tabs or getting lost in different accounts. Everything is right here, making your life easier and more organized.

Comprehensive Site Reports- Generates Detailed Site Reports

From orphaned posts to internal and external links, 404 links, and beyond, LinkBoss delivers valuable site metrics to help you stay ahead of the game. LinkBoss provides you with invaluable insights through comprehensive site reports.

Some examples include:

    • Orphaned pages
    • Number of internal/external links
    • Broken links
    • Anchor text usage
    • External links analysis

LinkBoss allows you to strategically build links to orphan pages, one article at a time. To begin:

  1. Select the orphan page you want to strengthen
  2. Review LinkBoss’s suggested posts to link from based on semantic relevance
  3. Browse through highlighted contextual sentences from each page
  4. Insert the best linking option or use the content generator tool

LTD Last Date: 24 September

Ltd Link:

LinkBoss Lifetime Deal: Pre-Launch

The deal price will increase after the official launch, so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity. It’s a one-time payment, and if you need a bigger package, just reach out to us.

LinkBoss Packages and Pricing (Lifetime Deal)

  • Silver – $39: Perfect for starters, includes 200 credits per month and covers 2 sites with all-app access.
  • Platinum – $297: Ideal for businesses, offers 4000 credits per month, and handles 30 sites with all-app access.
  • Gold – $99: Tailored for professionals, provides 1000 credits per month and supports 10 sites with all-app access.
Credits Price Best For
200 $39 Small websites or beginners testing the platform.
1000 $99 Medium to large websites with extensive content.
4000 $297 A portfolio of websites with lots of content

Lifetime Deal

LinkBoss Packages and Pricing (Regular)

LinkBoss offers flexible pricing tiers based on credits. They also offer custom enterprise plans for huge websites.

Each action you take costs credits based on the tool used. For example:

  • In-post links = 1 credit
  • Bulk link building = 2 credits

My advice is to start with the free plan to test it out, then upgrade based on your needs. Compared to hiring a contractor, LinkBoss’ pricing is very affordable for the time and money it saves.

LinkBoss Packages and Pricing (Regular)

Basic Plan

  • $0 Free Trail
  • 100 monthly credits
  • 1 site license
  • 1-month Validity

This is great for smaller sites to test it out.

Gold Plan

  • $50 one-time payment
  • 1000 monthly credits
  • Unlimited site license
  • Lifetime Validity

The gold plan works well for professional bloggers and medium-sized sites.

Platinum Plan

  • $350 one-time payment
  • 5000 monthly credits
  • Unlimited site license
  • Lifetime Validity

For agencies and enterprises, the platinum plan provides high volume credits.

So which plan you want to buy? LTD Or Regular Plan?


LinkBoss Regular & LTD Price

How to Use the LinkBoss:

LinkBoss vs Link Whisper

LinkBoss vs. Link Whisper :




Link Suggestion from Existing Sentences

AI-Powered Link Building

Contextual Anchor Placement

Interlinking Silo Using Topic Clusters

Bulk Interlinking Feature

Web-Based Tool

Multi-Site Management

Lifetime Deal

The Value of LinkBoss: [Key Benefits]

  • Saves Time and Effort
  • Optimizes Existing Content
  • Creates Better Internal Linking Structure
  • Handles Linking at Scale
  • Boosts SEO Authority
  • Saves Money

For the critical task of internal linking, I found LinkBoss to provide immense value through automation, time savings, optimized content, structured linking, handling scale, SEO authority improvements, and cost savings.

How Does LinkBoss Work?

LinkBoss is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

When you input your site’s content, LinkBoss analyzes the semantics, word relationships, topic modeling, and other linguistic factors.

It then leverages this analysis to:

  • Identify related pages to link together
  • Determine optimal anchor text phrases
  • Generate new content as needed
  • Build an effective interlinking structure

The AI was trained on millions of words to understand semantic and contextual relationships. This is what enables it to automate the internal linking process.

Under the hood, LinkBoss utilizes:

  • Natural language processing – To extract semantics
  • Neural networks – To model content topics
  • Data clustering – To detect content similarities
  • Optimization algorithms – To determine best linking paths

The end result is a sophisticated artificial intelligence system that can optimize internal linking at scale.

When Should You Use LinkBoss?

Here are 3 common use cases where LinkBoss excels:

1. Existing Sites With Established Content

Many websites already have a solid content foundation. LinkBoss can analyze the existing pages and identify new interlinking opportunities.

It’s ideal for optimizing and enhancing the internal linking of existing content.

2. Large Sites With Thousands of Pages

Massive sites with thousands of pages can benefit tremendously from LinkBoss’s automation.

It allows large sites to implement structured internal linking that would be unrealistic to do manually.

3. Niche Authority Sites

If you run a niche site focused on authority and expertise, LinkBoss helps take your topical relevance to the next level.

The topic clustering creates thematically related content silos that search engines love.

LinkBoss Alternatives

The main alternative I’ve used for internal linking is the Link Whisper WordPress plugin. Link Whisper is cheaper but also more limited in functionality. LinkBoss seems significantly more advanced in terms of AI capabilities and automation. There are also free internal linking plugins like RankMath and Yoast SEO. These don’t automatically optimize your interlinking structure. For an all-in-one internal linking solution, LinkBoss stands out from the alternatives in my view.

Read Also: LinkBoss vs. Link Whisper: Who is the Best Interlinking Tool?

LinkBoss Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips to maximize LinkBoss:

  • Start by mapping out your topical clusters – this will form the basis of your interlinking framework.
  • Take advantage of the bulk linking features to interlink large batches of related content.
  • Review the AI-generated paragraphs to ensure they flow well before publishing.
  • Leverage the site analytics reports to identify orphaned pages and other issues.
  • Install the LinkBoss Chrome extension to boost productivity with quick linking.
  • Use a mix of short and long-tail anchor text phrases for diversity.
  • Set a monthly time to review new content and refresh your internal links.

Following these best practices will help you become a power user!

LinkBoss Review – Conclusion and Recommendation

In this in-depth LinkBoss review, I’ll cover:

  • How the AI technology works
  • The immense benefits LinkBoss provides
  • When you should use LinkBoss
  • Key features and capabilities
  • Packages, pricing and alternatives
  • Tips, tricks, and best practices

By the end, you’ll understand why LinkBoss is an absolute game changer for internal link building and on-page SEO.

LinkBoss Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I do with 1 credit?

LinkBoss credits allow you to perform various actions within the tool, including interlinking, generating fresh content, and more. Each credit gives you the power to enhance your site’s internal linking strategy.

Will the credits expire?

No, LinkBoss credits do not expire. You can use them at your own pace, knowing that they’ll be available whenever you need them.

What if I need more credits than your highest package?

If you find yourself in need of more credits than our highest package provides, contact them. They’ll be happy to discuss custom solutions to meet your specific needs.

Will this work on sites designed with any page builders?

Yes, LinkBoss is compatible with various page builders, ensuring that it seamlessly integrates with your website, regardless of the design platform you use.

After I hit the limit of the maximum website, can I remove current sites and add new ones?

Yes, you can manage your active websites within LinkBoss. If you need to remove a current site to add a new one, you have the flexibility to do so.

Why does LinkBoss have a credit system?

The credit system allows you to pay for only what you use, giving you more control and flexibility over your interlinking efforts.

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