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Sendinblue Shopify Integration Guideline (Email Marketing Plugin)

Shopify is a type of online app store where every type of unique app is available. Shopify allows everyone to download the app from the Shopify app store. On the other hand, Sendinblue is another type of app which support users with email marketing tools. Email marketing is one of the most known income sources for freelancers.

Sendinblue Shopify Integration Guideline

The relation between these two apps is like the users of Shopify app can download the Sendinblue app from the app store of Shopify. If you have installed Shopify app store on your phone then you will be able to install Sendinblue app from that store. Shopify and Sendinblue have nicely made the connection between each other.

Shopify is very popular among app stores and everyone can check out that unique app. If you need information about the connection between this two apps then you should learn about Shopify Sendinblue Integration process.

Why install this app?

  • Painlessly move data between Shopify and Sendinblue.
  • Less manual work means fewer mistakes.
  • It’s super easy to setup, no downloads, no need to hire a developer.

OK, so how does is work?

  1. Easy. Just Go to the Sendinblue Shopify Plugin and install the app.
  2. Grant access to your Sendinblue account
  3. Activate the plugin within your Sendinblue dashboard
  4. Enable the Features you want
  5.  Contact Sync, Subscription confirmation and Behavior tracking need to be enabled individually.

What is shopify app store

App stores are also a kind of app which contains stored app for users service. Shopify is also a type of app which has the qualities of an app store. Like other app store users of Shopify can install several app for free. There are many advantages of Shopify app store.Some advantages of Shopify app store are here to the below –

  • Shopify provides the long lasting email services to the users. Shopify offers the most safe and sustainable email to the user.
  • Users don’t need to pay any charge for the installing process.
  • Shopify maintain the safest services to the users .
  • You don’t have to worry about the antivirus thing if you download the app from shopify.

What is Sendinblue

Sendinblue is that type of app which provide the email services to the users. If anyone wish to earn money from online email marketing process then he can try Sendinblue as an email marketing tool. Every user of Sendinblue uses to have better experience with Sendinblue email marketing app. Sendinblue many feature for user’s support. Here are some feature of Sendinblue-

  • Sendinblue provides the safest email marketing services to the customers.
  • Users can use the tool for email marketing on Sendinblue for free of cost.
  • Users can create three hundred email everyday and they won’t have to pay anything for this .
  • Sendinblue also provides premium services which are also paid services. As an example of premium package users can create twenty thousands of email but they will have to pay twenty-five dollars for that service.

How to install Sendinblue from Shopify app store

To install Sendinblue email marketing app first of all you need to open the Shopify app store. Then you will easily find search option. You have to write the name of Sendinblue and click on the search button.

Then you will find the app on the next page. After that you will find “Download” option. Then you need to press on the download option. After completing the downloading process Sendinblue app will be installed on your phone.

After installing the Sendinblue app you will be able to open the app. After opening Sendinblue app you need to create an account. If you create your own account on Sendinblue email marketing app then you will be able to use all the easy tool for email marketing process.

Email marketing has become one of favorite thing for many people who are interested to make money from online. If you want to earn money from email marketing then you can follow the process and download Sendinblue from Shopify app store. There are thousands of people who are earning money from email marketing like Sendinblue.

After Set Up Sendinblue Plugin for Shopify:

After set up, below are the activities you can engage in;

  • Choose from 65 different template design layouts
  • Create and personalize email and SMS campaigns
  • Send out A/B tests, and autoresponder messages
  • Automated transaction emails including receipts and purchase confirmations
  • Create single/double opt-in and pot-out forms with advanced features such as captcha verification
  • Preview campaign emails before sending them out
  • Manage soft and hard email bounces
  • List management and segmentation based on user demographics, behavior and lead scores
  • Review reports on website activity

If you Compared to other email marketing automation platforms, the Sendinblue plugin obtains significant value.

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