What is Supply Chain Sustainability? || Important Info

What is Supply Chain Sustainability? A sustainable supply chain comprises methods of calculating profit and loss as well as social and environmental extents. Such concept is referred as the triple bottom line

  1. Financial
  2. Social and
  3. Environmental performance

In order to define sustainability. Triple bottom line method is used here.

What is Supply Chain Sustainability?

Sustainability includes:

  • Waste minimization
  • Increasing efficiency using renewable energy. It will reduce energy use and discharges.
  • Recycling facilities of waste. Offer customers the type of products which reduce impact on the environment.

Concept of sustainability:

The concept of sustainability is not consistent from senior management to the shop floor. A senior manager views sustainability in a strategic way, considering issues such as organizational design, orientation, goals, options and significances. On the shop floor, it is more difficult to differentiate sustainability from the dayto-day tactics and key performance indicators that describe ongoing tasks.

What successful supply chain sustainability requires?

Successful supply chain sustainability requires good supply chain strategy and the ability to implement it. Triple bottom line supply chain sustainability helps safeguard that there is a long-term supply of natural resources, profit and people.  Triple bottom line sustainability have a habit to see differences in priority, but most often people and profitably are placed above of planet.

Sustainability is becoming combined with other traditional supply chain operations processes due to related innovation, modern technologies, new processes and stakeholder choices.

The APICS Dictionary, 14th Edition, defines sustainability as “activities that provide present benefit without compromising the needs of future generations.” Sometimes the idea of sustainability is expressed as, “Take care of yourself, take care of others, and take care of the planet.”

Practically supply chain sustainability relates with almost every supply chain module, whether in simple supply chains or complex supply chains. high-ranking management is till now the best influence to supply chain sustainability practice. Customersare the second largest influence and employees are the third largest influence.

Inspiring Factors For Sustainability:

  • Demand of customers
  • Reduction of cost
  • Regulation of Government
  • Brand management and reputation
  • Investor or shareholder expectations
  • Recruitment of employees
  • Growth of revenue

New Idea:

Supply chain sustainability is competitively a new idea. There are differences in adoption, metrics, maturity and management vary by company, industry and nation. Partner relationships are not sufficiently combined for ideal interaction in supply chain. Supply chains designed to associate increasing profit and dipping down customer costs, ensuing in lower environmental costs and higher living standards.

Relationship of Risk Management with Supply Chain Strategy

Risk Management and Supply Chain Strategy depend on the organization’s ability of supply chain strategy and overall strategy.

Sustainability and risk management are important topics now a day. Supply chain sustainability and risk management integrate when it is analyzed for long term perspective. Triple bottom line sustainability is perceived as a form of long-term risk minimization. It helps to confirm that an organization and its supply chain have a long-term supply of resource, profit and people.

Customer Service Improvement:

People, planet and profit are consumers of supply chain and operations. This strategy means more than implementing a sustainability-friendly task, such as two percent use of reducing energy. the tasks be linked and combined as value-added support for stakeholders.


Sustainability requires innovation. Large innovations focused more but that does not mean we should overlook the small innovations. In this supply chain sustainability practice, even a small idea can produce big changes and make a huge difference. Even a small idea can contribute largely on sustainable goals. It can also be a part of supply chain improvement.

Importance of Supply Chain Sustainability in Business:

Supply chain sustainability is becoming more important for businesses. A recent survey suggests 30% of manufacturers are gaining new profits directly from sustainability initiatives, which is a direct indication for the new manufacturers to adopt with the change. The triple bottom line idea is used as the basis of sustainability.

Importance of Supply Chain Sustainability in academic and industry practice:

Supply Chain Sustainability is becoming more important in academic works and industry practice because of its area of opportunity. Companies all around the globe are implementing sustainability initiatives in their supply chain Sustainability may come from within the company or it could be a part of the result of customer demands as well as other supply chain partners.

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