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How To Identify Fake Data Entry Jobs (Fake Company List)

Every year, there are lots of data entry operator vacancies. There are over, 50000 openings all over India in a year for data entry operators! Over 75% of the unemployed are scammed! So, guys, data entry job scams are one of the biggest scams in India which will never come out!

The best way to identify fake data entry jobs is to do your research first. Quality job sites like Indeed will list all of the available positions, and you can read user reviews to get an idea of what people think about the employer and the job.

Another good way to find quality data entry jobs is through social media platforms like LinkedIn. You can use LinkedIn’s search feature to filter by industry or task type, which will make it easier for you to find specific types of work that match your skillset. Additionally, using keywords in your resume may help employers find you more easily when they are searching for new employees online.
Finally, always contact companies directly if you have any questions about a particular position or feel that something isn’t quite right with one of their ads.

Trusted Website List for Online Data Entry Jobs (Real Company Name)

Data Entry Jobs Fake or Real?

It’s almost 85% fake and 15%real. If you get online data entry jobs from a verified websites like Freelancer(dot com) or fiverr(.com) or upwork and even from any verified websites you just will get a real jobs of data entry or whatever it is.

But nowadays everyone is try to scam with people just providing a fake data entry jobs. The jobs which require a registration fee or just a security refundable fee is just a scam, so never trust in these websites and never be a fool giving any amount them.

Data entry jobs available at olx is almost 98% fake and just 2% True. So be careful on searching jobs at platform like OLX.

Here are some keywords and phrases commonly used in job postings by scammers:

  • Quick money
  • Little to no work
  • Free work from home jobs
  • Unlimited earning potential

Key Signs of Online Data entry Scams:

  • You will be asked for personal information like certificates & bank details.
  • Our Company pays you a lot of money with little, for example, to earn Rs 500$-1000$ by sitting at your home.
  • Recruiters offer the job immediately without checking your background details like education and experience.
  • Free work from home jobs.
  • Investment opportunities.
  • Unlimited earning.

Fake Data Entry Company List-

Below is the list of some fake data entry companies.

  1. Oxy Tech Company
  2. Techedge United
  3. Orbit Web System Pvt. Ltd.
  4. Core Enterprises
  5. Pearl Service
  6. CSF Employment Service Pvt. Ltd.
  7. Urban Technology
  8. Way2Consultancy Service
  9. VJ Consultancy Service
  10.  Indeed Pvt. Ltd
  11.  Cryptolite Network
  12.  Pixel web system
  13.  CSR
  14.  DTD Solution
  15.  Metrics InfoTech
  16.  Techtom Tachnology
  17.  Equinox
  18.  Resume Filling Freelancer
  19.  HS Enterprises
  20.  MAX Enterprices
  21.  Infra Data Technology
  22.  Datadesk Outsourcing Services

Real and genuine sites for online data entry job:-

  • Up Work
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • Guru
  • People per hour

How to Identify Job Scams

There are some telltale signs that indicate a job posting is probably a scam:

  • The ad uses words that are probably too good to be true: quick money, unlimited earning potential, free work-from-home jobs.
  • There is a sense of urgency, or the recruiter is pushing you to accept the job now. Any legitimate company won’t push you into accepting a job offer immediately.
  • The job post or email has obvious grammatical or spelling errors.
  • You’re offered the job without a recruiter verifying your work experience or asking for references.
  • The “company” has an email domain from gmail or other popular providers.
  • The job description is unusually vague.

How to detect scammers?

  • If the job promises you “thousands of earnings per day”, it most probably is a scam. As a general work scenario, a data entry fresher receives anywhere between Rs 6000-10,000 per month. Hence, it is quite impossible for these firms to offer such large salaries for freshers, that too for work from home jobs.
  • Promotion of data entry job websites via Google ads or Facebook ads are mostly frauds. It is quite uncommon for ordinary companies to explicitly advertise for hiring on social media.
  • Promises of being “100% genuine” on website or posters are usually done by such fake data entry jobs firm. Real companies do not advertise whether they are fake or real. Only scammers feel the need to advertise so.
  • If the company is asking for any money from the freshers in advance, as registration/software fees, they are fake.
  • Also, if the company is asking for the fresher’s photo and/or signature for an agreement, they are frauds.

How to Protect Yourself

While anyone can fall prey to job scams, there are a few things you can do to keep yourself safe while you search online:

  1. Do your homework. Research the company and the people who contact you. What results do you get when you search company name + scam? You can also use the Better Business Bureau’s scam tracker to review (and report!) job scams.
  2. Connect with the company. Go directly to the company website and see if the job is posted on their jobs page.
  3. Trust your gut. If it feels like a scam, it probably is.

Important Talks About Data Entry Jobs:

Even if it is paid and real you should not go for them because there is no chance of improvement in data entry jobs. You can easily be replaced by someone. Data entry job requires no such skills. Instead it is just typing. You should instead invest time in learning something which most of the people find difficult.

This will increase your job security. In my opinion data entry job has no job security because you don’t require much skills to join a data entry job. So in case if you are removed from the job, you will be left with no skills and no jobs. If you are doing it just for sometimes and then will join some other more demanding job then you can pursue data entry job.

Nowadays We all work with automation, It’s very easy and Low Cost & very Fast. So Improve Your skill for another Sector.

Learnings Things:

  • Don’t think you will do it in your free time, it needs your complete day atleast 20 hours.
  • You need to be focussed on the work (typing) as every mistake results in the reduction of your payment.
  • the return pay was not so good (we were desperate to go for the bait).
  • Overall don’t believe in this data entry tasks and try to improve your skills in your concerned fields.

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