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Trusted Website List for Online Data Entry Jobs (Real Company Name)

Before I give this list, You need to know some information about Data Entry Expert interview-


Lost 2 days back search job from freelancer site,lots bids applying only for data entry job, finally one I got job, there sending one mail to me,again they are told read carefully and if you like u want to pay security deposit. I am asking who are mail to me u want give me some proof, some pictures sending ,I am really believed my self and deposit 1200 , after they are giving sample eBook work to me, 5hours spend typing ,and again sent to back that lady, 1 days after reply to me I am waiting to QC plz wait for one more days,finally I am understanding this is a fake online job

Plz don’t believe to anyone, online jobs they are all created fake id and fake mail Id. -Devaraj Devu, IT Support at Qualcomm India (2017-present)


They are fake, mostly. I’ll tell you a lil story. This one time I was searching for part time jobs( to get some more dough 😉 ) on an app, I found many job ads which claimed : ‘Data entry operator required. Earn 7000/- weekly’. I definitely got interested. I applied for the same. I got a call within a few minutes, and the staff started explaining how things work. What bugged me was, she told me to deposit an amount of 3k rupees as security, and only after I transfer that amount, I will be given work and I’ll be paid 7k for typing 100 pages correctly, by end of week. I told her to keep the deposit amount of 3k and just pay me 4k at the end of week. She got mad at me and told me this is not how it works and diconnected the call .

Then I searched the company’s name in Complaint Board, and lo! It was there! This company had cheated on many individuals. Saved my broke ass from getting cheated 🙂

I’d suggest you to first Google the company’s name on Complaint Board, and proceed further. Most of them are fake! -Veena Das, studied Engineering

How To Identify Fake Data Entry Jobs (Fake Company List)


I get job offer from digital data services company.usne mujhe kahathaki mujhe deposits dhenahe.mainhe 600rs. Dhedhiya. They say that i have to complete 100 pages work within 20 days. After 5 days from starting the work they say that i have to just copypaste the remaining work and submit the work tomarrow. I done like that.and submit the work after that they say me sent my account details for giving my salary. I give the account details. After some time they call me and say that i have to give her 8000 rs. To get my salary. This is a fraud company. -Raiza Farzana


I almost got fooled by ariss infotech. They gave me work for a week, told me there is no investment. After I completed the work, they sent me my quality report which said I have 94.5%. I was so happy. Then they told me i also have chance to get a honor tablet. Nothing seemed like a problem until they said if I wanted salary of 10000 a week, I have to pay a security of 4000( if I want the tab) or 2950 if I don’t want it. Then I searched ariss infotech in Google. I saw them on consumer complaints. That saved me from these frauds. Please don’t get yourself into these kind of traps. – Nazeeh Naz,Student

So All Data Entry Jobs Are Fake?

No. All data entry jobs are not fake. You get both good and bad people. One can get genuine data entry jobs online on sites like Upwork,, Fiverr, for captcha entry job Megatypers, Protypers, 2Captchaare some of the genuine sites.

The companies listed below all offer legitimate data entry jobs that you can do from home.

  1. AccuTran Global

AccuTran Global primarily hires transcriptionists, rather than typical data entry work. However, the company may hire you even if you have limited transcription experience as long as you score well on its application assessments.

2. Axion Data Entry Services

Axion Data Entry Services hires independent contractors for long-term positions, which means they do not often have high turnover.

3. Working Solutions

Working Solutions hires independent contractors for work-at-home data entry jobs. Contractors are hired both in the United States and worldwide.

4. Clickworker

Clickworker is a crowdsourcing marketplace that connects registered workers with tasks in data entry, writing, research, and translating.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is the best place to find all types of data entry jobs. On Fiverr, You can offer almost all types of data entry activities for $5 and more. You need to create a job profile mentioning all the different data entry jobs you can do. And once a prospect finds your offers appealing, they will contact you to offer a job. This site may seem like a little bit time-consuming one but it actually worth that time.

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How to identify a fake data entry job offer:

  • Unlike the usual job interview process of multiple interviews and training, you’re offered the job without any interview process or request for a resume.
  • Sometimes, they don’t even ask for your education details, CV or related information, and they offer you the job of data entry. But a real company will ask and verify every detail you provide.
  • They may also charge you for providing training for a few hours to a few days online or offline. But, it is also a significant sign of being a fake company.

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