AdSense Policy Violation Fix Guide- AdSense Violations List

The violation of google AdSense means do somethings which goes against the terms and conditions of google. Google doesn’t allow some kinds of content which are not family-friendly and if you post something like adult content or mature content then your activity will be considered as the violation of google AdSense.

Google maintains high security at this point cause people of all ages use to visit google for different type of reason. Google maintain AdSense violation policy so that the visitors don’t have to face any unprofessional thing on any web page. If you upload anything which goes against the rules of AdSense policy violation then the AdSense of your website can be canceled by google.

Common reasons AdSense accounts are disabled for invalid traffic

  • Manipulating how ads are served
  • Encouraging users to support your site, YouTube channel, or app through ad interaction
  • Ad placement deceptive for users or generating accidental clicks
  • Ads embedded in applications
  • Using Adsense on Prohibited Content.
  • Monetizing Websites that are not User-Centric.
  • Using Ads on Content that Encourage Youtube Video Downloading.
  • Lack of Privacy Policy Page.
  • Placing Ads on 404 Error Pages.
  • Clicking the ads on your own site, YouTube channel or app
  • One or more users repeatedly clicking the ads on your site, YouTube channel, or app
  • Generating or receiving automated or bot traffic
  • Using an incentivized traffic source

AdSense Violations List:

  • Pornographic, adult, or mature content
  • User-generated content
  • Violating webmaster guidelines
  • Deceptive ad placement
  • Copyright infringement
  • Illegal content

So, you have to be aware of the AdSense policy violation for the safety of you website AdSense. Sometimes google use to ban the website for violating the policy. If you are the owner of any website then you should not post something on your web page which go against the rules.

AdSense violation activities

To avoid AdSense policy violation first of all you need to know about those activity which considered as the violation of google AdSense. If you don’t have the proper knowledge about the AdSense policy then you may do mistakes without knowing. Here are some activities which go against the policy of google AdSense-

Posting adult content

You should post family-friendly post on your website cause google allow everyone to visit websites. From young aged people to old aged people can be a visitor of your website. So, you should keep in mind that no one should have any bad experience on your website. You have to avoid adult and pornographic content on your website. If you post any content which is related to pornography then that will be an AdSense policy violation activity.

Drug related content

Google policy doesn’t allow you to post any drug related content on your website. Because drug is really harmful for society. Drug can be the destroyer of the young generation and this material should not be promoted. Google policy is very sensitive about drug. If you post anything to promote drug then it is clearly against the policy. It will be the violation of google AdSense.

Weapon related content

Promoting any type of illegal weapon can not be a good thing and it is clearly forbidden in the policy of google AdSense. So, you should not post anything like that on your website. If google willfind that you are postingabout the promotion of weapon then your website might be banned.

How to fix google AdSense policy violation:

It’s Easy, Follow the Followings:

  • Remove all the copy and paste content from your website.
  • Remove all the software or copyrighted materials from your website.
  • Remove all the copyrighted images from your website.

Movies, Songs, Torrents Sites, Copyrighted Materials are the Reasons for Policy Violations.

Once You remove all those copyrighted materials from your website.

Do The Following:

  • Add the Following Pages into your website
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer Page
  • Contact Us
  • About Us

And when you do all these important things, You must also know that You should have pretty quality content with few articles.

  • You must write quality 25 articles with 500 words each article.
  • No copy paste
  • No copyrighted materials, Images, Videos, Softwares ETC.


If you have violated the policy of google AdSense then you won’t be able to make any money from google AdSense until you fix that. Of you want to fix the AdSense violation then you will have to request for reviewing your site. For that first of all you need to sign in your google AdSense account. After signing in you will find policy center on the account.

After that you have to click on ‘fix’ option. Then in the next page you will find some options including “issues found”. You have to click on that option an then you will see a box on the screen. Then you need to write the request to review your site. You heed to write the reasonable words in the box cause google will review your site if it’s really necessary.

After writing the request you should click on the “Confirm” and the final step is to click on “Request review”. Then your request will be sent to the google. Google will review your website with in some days and if you make it sure that you won’t violate the policy again then you will get the website back.

Personal Opinion:

As per your question, my answer is clear, just Remove your bad content, which actually violating guidelines. If you are selling or publishing crack software like mod apps, cracked antivirus etcetera, these all things lead to policy violation. To fix the policy violation error from your AdSense, just remove your bad post, some download files (Looking cracked ).

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