How To Fix Google News Articles Images with valid RSS Feed in Google News

Hello Friends in this Article I am going to talk about the Google news publisher problem where new website users are having lot of problems regarding fetching their images in google news while having valid RSS feed. Read this article properly and fix this problem. So the question is How To Fix Google News Articles Images with valid RSS Feed in Google News.

How To Fix Google News Articles Images:

You need to install a new plugin on your website. This Plugin Name: GN Publisher: Google News Compatible RSS Feeds. Download This plugin from WordPress. Download Link- GN Publisher

Or you can go to your website dashboard. Now go to the plugin section and install this new plugin. Just Search on the search bar- GN Publisher.


After installing this plugin active this plugin. Now I am providing all processes step by step. Just follow it.

  • Go to your Google news publisher dashboard.
  • Select your website and click on the Google news section.
  • Here You see Edit Google news. Click it.
  • Now you see three options (General, Content Setting & Review and publish).
  • Go to the Content setting and edit your feed.
  • In the feed option, you need to add 
  • After Doing this go to the ‘Review and publish’ section and publish your Website.

My Site Is Not Showing Image Google News:

If you go to your Publisher Center, click on your site name, then ‘Google News’, then ‘edit’. On the edit page, click on the ‘ content settings’ tab. For each section you have, click on the tri-dot icon, select ‘edit’, and update the URL, and click ‘apply’. In most cases, you can update the URL to the GN Publisher URL by just adding /gn.
After making the changes, be sure to ‘save’ the changes using the blue button in the upper right corner of the page. Then try publishing an article and we’ll see if that adds the article correctly to your Publisher Center.

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