Is Google AMP Good? Google AMP Sucks

Is Google AMP Good? Google AMP Sucks- 7 Secret Reasons. 7 reasons that you don’t use Google AMP! Why Google AMP bad? Why AMP is bad for your site? I admit that the AMP plugin is better for the blog Website. But some of the reasons you do not need to use it on your site.

Also, AMP is not suitable on the WooCommerce website. Below I provide some examples, how and why AMP is not the best option. AMP has so many advantages and disadvantages. In this post, I only talk about AMP’s disadvantages. So ready for these lessons.

Why Google AMP Bad for Your Site?

I have faced Seven problems using the AMP plugin. Let be show all points.

  1. Massive drops in earnings.
  2. AMP does not improve your rankings.
  3. Difficult to Implement.
  4. Internet Explorer is not supported.
  5. Not suitable for video content.
  6. No scope for other advertisers.
  7. Less control of your design.

Disadvantages of AMP:

  1. AMP is a restrictive framework design.
  2. It is an extra burden to implement.
  3. AMP creates technical debt.
  4. Light speed has no guarantee without the AMP Cache.
  5. From a Sales Perspective, The mere presence of AMP inventory creates complexity & The framework limits ad features.
  6. Google AMP Viewer dilutes the brand identity.

Google AMP Bad Effects:

Now I am described all of these problems after using AMP on your WordPress website.

1. Massive drops in earnings.

AMP is not an easy system. If you are a newbie on blogging, then I suggest you don’t use AMP on your site. Cause there are so many functions, you can’t understand. The most one is you can’t place your ads network on your site correctly. For this reason, you lost your earning in the beginning. 

2. AMP does not improve your rankings.

It’s true that if your site loading speed is good, then don’t need AMP on your site. However, we Check our site on desktop/laptop But most of the users of our using a mobile device. Then what happened? If your site is not responsive to the mobile version and takes more time, then what happened? You lose your visitor. Cause a user does not want a slow loading speed site. So you will need o focused on your site On-Page SEO. AMP just improved your site loading speed.

3. Difficult to Implement.

You do not properly use the plugin in your AMP mobile version. Ads implement so low quality in AMP. Here only display ads are available and matched content ads. If you have a high volume visitor or user on your site, then you will be able to use it on your AMP blog version.

4. Internet Explorer is not supported.

IE means an Internet Explorer browser. Which is to create a javascript programming language. And this is not suitable for the AMP page. In this world, 5% of users use this browser. So, this is a problem.

5. Not suitable for video content.

If you add a video or embedded it in your article, then this video is not playing well in the AMP version. You can check it on your AMP version. 

6. No scope for other advertisers.

You can not use any other ads network on your site. If you have not Google AdSense, then you can not use other ads networks on your AMP version. So that’s a big problem for AMP.

7. Less control of your design.

Less control of your design is one of the biggest problems. Everyone makes the site looks good and better than others. But in AMP, you can’t do this. You have only some themes to use on the AMP version. 

These are the issues that Google sees with the AMP versions of these websites:

“The AMP page is missing all navigational features present in the canonical page, such as a table of contents and/or hamburger menu.”

“The canonical page allows users to view and add comments, but the AMP article does not. This is often considered missing content by users.”

“The canonical URL allows users to share content directly to diverse social media platforms. This feature is missing on the AMP page.”

“The canonical page contains a media carousel that is missing or broken in the AMP version of the page.”

Google AMP Sucks:

I think all of you get your answer to the question of why Google AMP Sucks for Your Site. If you are a professional blogger then you can add AMP to your site. Cause you can handle this perfectly. If you need more information about Google AMP’s bad effects on site then comment on us.

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