Google Quantum Computer Outpaces Top Supercomputer by ’47 Years’ in Speed

Google Claims Quantum Supremacy Over Traditional Supercomputers Once More

Google’s new Quantum Computer completes the task in 6 seconds that would have taken one of the world’s best computers 47 years. Quantum computers can change what we can build and how we understand the world.
Google’s new Quantum Computer can finish 47 years of computing tasks in just 6 seconds. It’s 241 million times faster than the one it released in 2019.
Google’s quantum computer “Sycamore” just solved a problem that would have taken 10,000 years for a traditional computer to solve. This was accomplished in 200 seconds. That is unfathomably quick. The government has asked quantum developers to take a step back and slow the development. Quantum mechanics were discovered over 100 years ago. The knowledge of quantum properties has increased astronomically.
AI + Quantum computing? Miracles and wonders to come.
How Google claims quantum “supremacy” for something far in the future, while ChatGPT is shredding apart today’s Google business. Perhaps this is a new trend, move away from the fast, skip the present, and live in the future?
That sounds so cool sir. I think the chatbot will be a problem now. If Google incorporates this high-speed computing with its BARDAI it might be able to solve higher-order mathematical equations within the blink of an eye. But the technology would be super expensive. Let’s see what’s coming for us.
Google Claims Quantum
No mention of the actual problem being solved by this quantum computer, much less any proof or substantiation that the problem will never be solvable in practice by classical computers. Who was it who said that claims made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence?
Most of the encryption methods are gonna break down.
  • Google achieves significant progress in quantum computing capabilities.
  • Quantum computer outperforms supercomputers in terms of speed.
  • Demonstrates quantum supremacy and provides insights into quantum noise.

Quantum supremacy is such a silly concept. Nobody disagrees that quantum computers have the potential to do things classical computers cannot. The problem is one of how ubiquitous and scalable these quantum machines are. Until they are solving real-world problems, they are just potential.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t useful today, D-waves machines for example are useful even though they are not universal quantum computers (their computers are only capable of solving optimization problems, which if you were to pick only one class of problems in the world to solve, that’s a good choice).

What it does mean is that they are still niche. Until someone is breaking encryption, discovers new physics, accelerates database queries, and so on these things, they are mostly academic. Exciting, but hardly worth making bombastic claims.

Sadly, many other fields make such claims, too. If they were all to be believed, we’d have, for example, batteries that never degrade, store huge amounts of energy, can charge quickly, and are super cheap five years ago. Popular science “breakthroughs” should always be taken with a heavy dose of skepticism, especially when the next practical steps to making the technology mainstream aren’t discussed.

It’s not all doom and gloom, but it’s not surprising that there are anti-intellectuals out there when bombastic claims such as these are all too common.

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