Old Keyword Research Methods, Secret Keyword Research Tips!

Old Keyword Research Methods, Best SEO Tips! Today I share Old Keyword Research huge information. We only work with the latest keyword but not working with Old Keyword. But Is it need to use our blogging life? So I want to make clear all the confusion about Old Keyword Research and Old Keyword Research best SEO tips.

Old Keyword Research Methods:

Being a gamer myself, I’d purchase backdated products like GPUs and CPUs as the current gen products are pricey. Yes, people with money and passion will buy new hardware. But there’s a market for “Relatively” old goods as well.

Gaming and computing doesn’t change or require high-end gears unless there’s something “Revolutionary going on. For example, even with RTX 3080 out, GPUs don’t need to be THAT powerful to handle current-gen games. Well, if you’re a graphics-freak and wanna play your games on ULTRA settings, it’s different.

Old Keyword Research System:

Similarly, games of today need 16GB ram at best. Yes, 4000 bus, 32GB ram sticks are available. But for the elite. Games don’t need that much firepower. Same goes for CPUs. Most gamers aren’t too keen on ULTRA (Streamers are different). Hence, there’s a stable market for laptops, controllers, GPUs from 2017 – 19. Not 2016 though. The generation gap is just too much. Hope this helps!

You never know which product will vanish from market at what point. Some products receive significant upgrades in terms of Hardware and Capacity of the machine. You’ll have to market them as well.

New Keyword Research Method:

Keep posting, do marketing later. Slowly but surely your posts will climb up. You might as well find some products that’re still on top thanks to the overwhelming popularity of theirs. You never know. But… It’s BEST to write about the current generation of products. I am all for it by the way. Search volume for old products WILL vanish eventually. You never know when. It’s a risk I wouldn’t take.

Then, there’s the case of updates as well. Measure your risks and rewards before venturing into uncharted territories. I can only give you the insight of a customer as I’m a gamer myself. You better consult with a marketer. I am not one. I’m a writer. I suck at writing as well. At the very least, some people have that notion in their minds. They don’t spill it out outright.

Keyword Research Best SEO Tips:

In fact, keywords like best gaming laptop for 2017 do not have such a search volume and therefore it is normal that there is not much traffic. You can easily understand this by analyzing the data of Google Search Console.
Just as tools take a long time to show the search volume of a keyword, they also take a long time to leave their search volume as they show the average of a back time.

Take a brandable domain with the current generation of products. You will always find some products on the market. That means you have to do backdated product marketing, not necessarily.

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